Jalalabad was born in Ilford Lane by the Mr Islam and Mr Ali during the 1970’s and built a reputation in the Ilford area. We have won many awards and have been in the Good Cobra Curry Guide Top 100 for many years. It has been the hard work of both these extraordinary gentleman, their sons and other members of their family whom have created what Jalalabad Restaurant is today.

Mr Islam (Head chef and Proprietor) has helped organise and create skilled chefs along the way since his early days at the Jalalabad, Ilford Lane, many have taken the skills and passion to create their own restaurants and takeaways, locally, regionally and even abroad. We take great pride in our cuisine ensuring that there is no compromising on the quality when it comes to our food, customers and staffs were also encouraged to design their own curries and other dishes.

Our food is inspired by the authentic home cooking. Food is our passion and thus is prepared for you always with finest ingredients and sourced locally, prepared and served with devotion, and love, whether it’s a dine in meal or a takeaway.

All our dinners are respected with devotion and service just like we would like to be treated and over time we have been chosen to give us including:

Spice Time Food Award
Archant Food and Drinks Award
Toptable Gold Award
Top 100 BIBA Award
Top 100 Cobra Curry Guide

No matter what the occasion, we would be delighted in catering and managing for your event. For more information on our extensive range of services, please call: 07833 515150